About Me

Shams Imam

I am a sixth-year graduate student in the Department of Computer Science at Rice University working under the supervision of Prof. Vivek Sarkar in the Habanero Extreme Scale Software Research Project. My research interests mostly include Parallel Programming Models and Runtime Systems with the aim to make writing task parallel programs on multicore machines easier for programmers. My current work involves building a generic framework that efficiently supports all synchronization patterns, not only those available in actors or the fork-join model, in task parallel programs. At Rice, I am currently involved in building a cooperative runtime for Habanero-Java. My previous research includes work on developing an efficient implementation of a programming model integrating both Actors and Fork-Join parallel models. I have been involved in projects such as Habanero-Scala, CnC-Scala, CnC-Matlab, and CnC-Python. A list of my published work is available on the publication page and also on Google Scholar.

Shams Imam paper Wordle
Wordle generated from common words in the abstracts of my papers.

Programming is my main hobby. My love for programming has also led me to participate at Rice Hackathons and also do volunteer work such as developing websites and mobile apps for Rice clubs and Non-profit organizations. Vocationally, I have worked as a Software Developers in various companies including start-ups. The nature of my work often included direct interactions with business owners of our products to ensure smooth understanding of requirements. At Travelocity, for example, I led the two Hotel and Flight Landing Pages projects due to their ease of use and business owner satisfiability with the end product. Apart from programming, I have also represented the GSA team and won the MVP on the way to titles for the Table Tennis championships.